1st International Symposium

Current Trends in Research on Scoliosis and Other Spinal Deformities

- Master Center - Novi Sad, Serbia -

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Notice: Symposium is in English language but with translation to Serbian

The Symposium is intended for doctors, physiotherapists, trainers working with children, and even parents whose children have a problem in the field that the Symposium deals with.


Time Speakers Topic
08.00am-08.30am Registration
08.30am – 08.45am Nikola Jevtic, organizer Symposium Opening
08.45am – 09.30am Dr Theodoros Grivas What the school screening offered to the etiology of scoliosis
09.30am – 10.15am Dr Jean Claude de Mauroy Seven bio-mechanical concepts for better scoliosis physiotherapy
10.15am – 10.25am Discussion
10.25am – 10.55am Coffee break & exhibitors showcase
10.55am – 11.25am Professor Dr Nachiappan Chockalingam Considerations for Movement Analysis in Scoliosis
11.25am – 11.55am Dr Thomas Shannon Measurement of back surfaces and interpretation of the results using time of flight 3D cameras with a clinical focus on scoliosis
11.55am – 12.15pm Helmut Diers Normative data in functional and dynamic spine analysis
12.15pm – 12.25pm Discussion
12.25pm – 1.45pm Lunch & exhibitors showcase
1.45pm – 2.15pm OT Michael Rexing Current patho-mechanic models of neuromuscular spinal deformities – different approaches to neuro-orthoses for the trunk

2.15pm – 2.45pm PT Axel Hennes Schroth & Brace
2.45pm – 3.15pm PT Michele Romano Sports and Scoliosis
3.15pm – 3.30pm Dr Sanja Schreiber Evidence of Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercises
3.30pm – 3.40pm Discussion
3.40pm – 4.00pm Coffee break & exhibitors showcase
4.00pm – 4.20pm Timothy Lee 3D Ultrasound imagining for screening, progression monitoring and prediction, treatment optimization and outcome measure
4.20pm – 4.45pm Dr Ana Žikić Traditional Chinese medicine-prevention and treatment of scoliosis
4.45pm – 5.00pm Discussion
5.00pm – 5.30pm PT Michele Romano Workshop – SEAS method
(Alternatively View of the exhibitor *)
5.30pm – 6.00pm PT Axel Hennes Workshop – Schroth treatment in Brace
(Alternatively View of the exhibitor *)
6.00pm Nikola Jevtic, organizer Symposium Closing

* According to attendants choice

Possibility of registration on 28th of June 2019 from 4.00pm to 8.00pm in Congress Centre Master of the Novi Sad Fair

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